Why is it called The Vamp®?
Simple! Because it revamps all those brilliant old speakers we have lying around in attics and cellars, and restores them to their former glory.
Has The Vamp® been patented?
The Vamp® is patent pending
How will I know it will support my phone, tablet or computer?
The Vamp is Bluetooth® v3.0 compliant and is compatible with most Bluetooth® enabled devices.
Can it really power any size speaker?
Yes it can. However the output is dependent on the size and rating of the speaker.
Can two units on two different speakers be made to play the same music?
No. At least not yet. Partly, the problem has to do with Bluetooth® technology as it exists today: it could be done, but that would push The Vamp's® price up too far.
My speaker cables are not black/red. Does it matter which one goes into which speaker connector on The Vamp®?
No. Doesn't matter in the slightest. It can go into either one.
Does The Vamp® play stereo?
The short answer is no. The Vamp® is a device for mono sound of great quality, combining left and right channels played through one or more speakers. In our opinion, to achieve proper stereo sound you will need to carefully position speakers around a room. Remember also that when some portable Bluetooth® speakers claim to play stereo, the two speakers are usually boxed so close together that they don't provide much stereo separation to speak of.
Can you connect two speakers to The Vamp®?
Yes. You can do this by putting the positive wires of the speaker together into one speaker connector and negative wires together into the other speaker connector. If this is not correct the sound quality will be poor.
Does The Vamp® support AirPlay?
At the moment AirPlay is not supported as it will make The Vamp® Apple specific and will increase the product price. We want The Vamp® to be an affordable technology available to all, delivering great sound. We use Bluetooth® technology that works perfectly with it.
Does The Vamp® come with a warranty?
Yes, we offer a standard 12 months workmanship warranty.


Pairing issues

If you are experiencing pairing issues, please try the following:

  1. Turn off all other Bluetooth devices in the same area so only the device you want to pair is on.
  2. Turn off The Vamp® and the Bluetooth® feature on device. Turn on The Vamp® and then turn on Bluetooth® on the device and try to pair again.
  3. Try resetting the device by deleting ‘The Vamp’ Bluetooth® name, search for device and pair again.
  4. Move the Bluetooth device closer to The Vamp® without any objects blocking their path.
  5. If The Vamp® is not detected, try to detect it with a different Bluetooth enabled device to determine if the problem is the device or The Vamp®.
Charging issues

The Vamp® will be charging when the charge cable is plugged in. If you are experiencing charging issues please try the following:

  1. Check that both ends of the cable are properly connected and the micro USB is properly pushed into The Vamp®.
  2. Try charging from a different USB port.
  3. Make sure the laptop/computer that is connected is not in sleep or standby mode.
  4. Try charging from a different source. You can try plugging the charge cable to a mains adaptor and charge from the wall outlet.
  5. Try another USB charge cable if available.
The Vamp® user guide
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